Lifesteal in 2021

Anyone know the % chance for lifesteal to proc?
What % dmg is lifestolen?
I’m pretty sure it’s a sad version of bleed, so affliction is going to proc it, isn’t it?

R.I.P old lifesteal concept despite never working at all.

(I re-rerolled lifesteal on my wand, so I’m curious).

The proc chance is somewhere around 3% and it heals for the total damage of the hit, so a 35k fireball will heal for 35k.

Pretty sure affliction tics don’t proc it, but it really wouldn’t be negative if it did, it would still be a ~3% chance per fireball.

Additionally the lifesteal heal can crit, even if the hit it proced on was a crit, so a 70k crit can proc a lifesteal that can also crit, resulting in a 105k heal.

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To clarify, it deals damage too right? 35k dmg + lifesteal = 70k damage? Or is it just a heal?

It just heals, no additional damage.

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