Lightningbolt spell?

I’ve always wondered, will they ever make lightning bolt be a spell for rummages? Where it can hook on to several enemies, that would be dope! :zap::zap::zap:


And you can drop it from the sky, with like a hand guesture motion with your wand downwards! Like this it almost sounds like a possibility for a new class with their sky attack dropping ability :sweat_smile:

I’d love this idea cause as of right now mage consists of mostly fireball 2 and affliction 2 to hit that high dps which is unfortunate

And what if in pvp instead of just hurting each other they lock on like I Harry Potter

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The idea is cool and all but I think it would bee too hard to balance, it would probably be either so much dps that people will only use it or too little dps that it would be useless, maybe if it was an AOE interrupt but that could remove the need for musket interrupt.
But this Idea could be interesting to test.

True, but players only spam fire ball, so this could give them another alternative

If they ever did make lightning bolt, what would lvl 1, lvl 2, and lvl 3 lightning bolt look like?

The mage already has an AOE interuput. Pushback 2

Ok, but what would they look like?

That was exactly what I was saying a lighting spell
Or even better a control spell. you can take control of monsters to fight the other ones well like pokemon
But temporary.