List of planned classes +scope of game

Is there a list of classes that are still in the works, races, things like that?

Are the current graphics what the final game should look like or is there a plan for minor or major upgrades to avatar models, etc.

Is the plan for this to be something that someone can play extensively (at launch not now) with vast areas to explore and conquer?

Just curious what’s in the works or the plans!


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Hey again! Let me start by pointing you to this excellent interview with Riley by @Master_S

The four classes that are in the game now are the only four that are planned to be in at launch. They just finished the last rework of these classes last test so as of now I would expect what you see to be what we get outside of some balancing, bug fixes, and maybe a few higher level abilities that won’t be released until later.

The low poly style of the graphics currently is how the game will look. That isn’t to say that some of the more lacking models won’t receive updates in the future. A great example of this is the wererabbit. They used to look like the image on this page: but have since been upgraded dramatically. Hopefully someone else can supply a picture of the new model.

The plan is for this to have a lot of content. Currently there are the four classes, as stated earlier, and I believe the goal is to have each of those 4 classes take about 100 hours to reach max level (20). There are also three “professions” at the moment and while I don’t know how long it will take to max them it will also extend that hours mark. In addition, I think the plan is to have 9 zones total by the end and there are already two dungeons in game currently so expect lots of PvE content. Some of the zones in the game will be “wild” zones where PvP is allowed if banditry is more your thing.

After you check out the interview I’d really recommend checking out a lot of the wiki pages. There’s a ton of good information on there as well as the dev blogs.

Hope this helps!

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It does help! I have gotten tired of the games that are all icing and no cake. I mean I love being able to make a supermodel avatar but Barbie Online loses the fun factor soon. I wasn’t expecting this game to look like that was just more curious how close to the end goals the game is since next Friday will be the first time I’m seeing it live!

Will check out all the links, thank you for sharing!


I recommend you read all of the dev blog posts. Some really good info there, definitely a good place to start to learn about the game.

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Will do, thank you very much!