List of suggestions

  • Journal should have tabs separating quests, recipes, spells, etc.
  • Future raids having tier sets of armor w/ set bonuses. (like WoW)
  • Adding haptic feedback to combat. I personally think that this would make melee feel a lot more exciting than the current state. Would be cool to having stronger feedback on your shield hand based on how hard an enemy is hitting you.
  • Either more options to make traveling easier or filling in areas that feel like dead space in zones. I understand wanting zones to feel more open but with the current travel methods it feels like it can get tedious.
  • Weapon enhancements
  • Rare recipe drops/challenging quest lines for crafting
  • Monster variety in zones. Maybe like Diablo where a chance for a rare pack to spawn with a higher experience reward and better loot.
  • Achievements. Certain achievements could grant cosmetic rewards like armor, mounts, etc.
  • Monsters having indicators above them showing that they are needed for a quest.
  • More customization options like being able to dye armor.
  • Open world “events” that can randomly occur that have objectives requiring multiple people to complete for a big reward.
  • Guild housing
  • Monsters having more unique sound effects.
    EDIT 7/30
  • Special dungeon mechanics. For example, a magic torch that one person can carry down a dark hallway to make vision for other allies. Basically dungeons having specific objects that one can interact with and use to complete an objective required to progress in a dungeon.
  • Something that displays your statistics. (Monster kills, player kills, money looted, etc.)
  • Guild Voice channels
  • Cosmetic slots (Would disable in PvP area/situations)
  • More weather effects (Weather specific rare mobs?)
  • In-game clock
  • Titles
  • More hidden “secrets” throughout the world
  • Monsters LOOKING AT YOU when they are about to aggro. This one is HUGE for me. A small change that is great for quality of life and immersion.
  • Hand grabbing animation being slightly faster to feel more smooth.
  • Option to duel players / PvP Battleground (5v5?)
  • Mailboxes (Send mail to other players)
  • Possibly having pets provide small unique combat bonuses. (Bonus attack, increased movespeed, health regen, faster projectiles, etc.)
  • Having the ability to inspect players’ gear
  • Ability to customize player house / invite friends.
  • Boats that can be sailed and have multiple people on board. Can be used to travel and fish together on.
  • Adding harmless creatures (bunnies etc.) around the world to add more life to the world.
  • Random NPC travelers that walk along roads, another thing to add some more life to the world. (Much like Breath of the Wild)
    EDIT 8/2
  • In-game screenshot tool
  • Dungeons having bonus rewards at the end for finishing in a certain time.
  • Being able to hire “mercinaries” to help you out in the world/quest. (Disable in PvP)
  • Make traveling less linear to encourage exploring different paths.
  • Have feedback on controllers if you are getting attacked from behind.
  • Capital city hub
  • PvP should be locomotion only
  • View party menu tab
  • Rare heavy rain/snow that can affect vision
  • Possibly throwable potions as a rare recipe that can be tossed at allies for buffs or enemies for debuffs.
  • Towns having a “Town Guide” to tell you where things are if you’re lost.
  • Sign posts out in the world
  • House decorations / trophy mounts(boss heads)

Ooh, I like this idea.

We have plans for some of the others as well like achievements and weapon enhancements. Thanks for the suggestions!

I would really like an indicator for quest monsters.

Glad to hear! I’ll be adding new stuff to this list whenever some more ideas cross my mind so feel free to keep your eyes peeled. I’ve already added some more.

I agree with all of these suggestions! great work!

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1 Ability to drop quest and pick it back up if something is wrong.
2 Compass point to quests objectives since there is no map.
3 Map since compass is not much use.
4 hearthstone or preferred graveyard to resurrect in?

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