Loadouts and Gear Management Suggestions


Just a few things I’ve noticed as I’ve been playing. I hope these are helpful!

  1. I’ve noticed switching classes is a little cumbersome when it comes to gear; moving over each piece is inconvenient and makes my inventory messy. If there were a way to save loadouts for each class (tied to weapon equipped), that would make swapping effortless. If there’s a concern about abusing the system, a short cooldown between swapping classes could prevent that.

  2. I didn’t realize that equipping gear (such as gloves) for a different class than my current weapon would have no effect on my stats. Maybe make it so that gear for the wrong class can’t be equipped into the slot, or else add a line into the tutorial?

  3. Sometimes it’s hard to tell when gear is broken, since I can’t see my own avatar. Maybe adding an icon next to the experience bar or painting the Bag icon red on the in-game menu as an alert that something’s up?

On the not-suggestions side, I’ve been learning spells from more experienced players, and have LOVED it. I value them the highest, because they represent someone taking time with nothing to gain to show a low level player something cool.

Thank you!


And we could also use increased inventory weight since carrying gear for 4 different classes starts to push the limits of the current inventory.


i don’t think you’re supposed to carry everything with you imo


Perhaps. But with a class switching system that they’ve implemented in this game it feels like they did intend that you’d be able to at least carry your gear with you. Maybe this is something they will want to address in the future when they keep adding things into the game that people might be carrying around more often (like potions).


personally i just carry the set of the class i am currently playing plus wand with reagents for portals and revives…


I agree that the weight limit to inventory size ratio is off and think we need a larger weight allowance. One solution could be adding weight allowance based on total character levels gained to account for extra gear sets.

I carry around 4 full sets of gear – a magic defense and a physical defense for each the 2 classes I routinely swap between. Add in 6 rings (2 hunter, 2 protector, 2 luck), a mage wand for teleporting, weapons with different affixes, and a set for the class that I’m leveling next and there is minimal weight allowance for drops despite having almost 3 full pages of unused inventory space.


Great suggestion. Yep, I carry several sets too, at least 2-3 of them so once I get bored with my class or happen to be in an area which looks good to level another I don’t have to port home first and tick 10 times to switch.
A simple “tie to set” option would help (so when you, like, tie new gloves to it your old get untied) and once you equip any weapon all the gear tied to it switches with it.


I would love to have loadouts its tiersome to change the entire set each time for sure, i do carry all 4 sets on me at all time and i sit at about 29kg its alright (including fishing rod, 2 luck rings, all orbs and arrows, and a few reagents).


if nothing else when your wearing +str gear your allowed carrying weight should rise with it. just seems silly that my archer with +100 str on his bow cant carry anymore than my mage… and i do realize they are the same person but since your character changes class when you swap weapons it just seems odd…



I was going to suggest gear sets but then found this post. However, I think that tying it to the weapon (type) would work just fine as well. Basically, anything to alleviate changing every piece of gear every time and being able to switch immediately would be great. I also agree with making it so that class specific gear cannot be equipped to the wrong class as it is useless and unnecessary.

In addition:
I think that items and gear should be in two separate tabs of an inventory so that when I pick up a new piece of gear it is easier to locate.

One last thing, an auto-sort function of the inventory (For Items and Gear) so that things are neatly organized so new items don’t get dropped into some random middle empty spot of 5 pages. It could be possible to sort by Alphabet, Alchemy, Fishing, Gear Level, etc…


I would vote for completely removing weight limits and sticking to inventory space.


i like the concept of a weight limit i just think it needs to be more robust system… i.e. str items should raise your carrying limit and when on warrior class you should be able to carry the most when mage the least ect. would add some real depth to weight and management.


I just hope they address weight issues sooner than later. Or just add some sort of weight limit increase that you can spend dram on or something.

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