Locations for Quests and more progress

I played 4 hours or so today and I didn´t even gain one level while doing the main mission for the Sir that shall get executed at Guild City because it was just running around and do some fishing. It would be better for the feeling when you get some exp for each step. Something like:“Oh, great you gathered 5 Fish I asked you to get? Here you have 300xp!” And like it is now I have the feeling that I spent a whole day doing nothing.

To get to the point with the Locations: While I was running around I wanted to do the second one of the “Master Hunter” quest because I was missing some mobs there. After looking around for 30 minutes and after checking what google said I just encountered one of the 2 missing mob-type-things and killed the 8 of them. After that I wanted to get the last mob-type-thing but never found them. These damn “Armored Wargs”. I would expect them near the normal Wargs but they aren´t there. Then I remembered a Guardian said that there are bandits somewhere and something like “they are riding beasts” but i couldn´t remember what he said where that was.

So my Suggestion: Write it to the quest text where you can find them from beginning or to let there be a part of self-exploring let them appear when the player gathered the information i.e. after talking to a guard

sorry for not so great english :slight_smile:

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