Locomotion bug: Stuck moving along z-axis when grabbing item

If I grab something while I’m moving (except a weapon) with the hand I’m using for locomotion, I get stuck moving until I release and re-touch the analog stick. I do not need to move the stick again, just touch it (it has capacitive sensing, so that makes some sense). It also seems to only preserve the z-component of the movement throttle vector.

I’m playing on Oculus Rift, using sliding locomotion, controller direction and with strafe enabled (but disabling strafe does not seem to affect the bug, which makes sense since the bug ignores the x-component anyway).

I’m currently experiencing this. Running Oculus Home version 3.67. The issue is exactly as described here.

That’s the auto run function. Press the trigger while running to turn it on and keep running.

It’s handy when travelling long distance on foot.

Thanks for the response. I wasn’t aware of the autorun feature. It seemed like a bug at first, because activating it makes the touch joystick completely unresponsive. It took a while for me to figure out that removing my thumb completely from the joystick gives me control again.

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