Locomotion options for Oculus Quest


I have seen all over the threads about the option to switch away from the Teleport system and just walk instead using a trackpad or a joystick. I just got the game today for the quest and could not find the option to switch anywhere. Is this available to Quest users? If not, I sure would love to see it in a future update!


You can go to locomotion settings and best try out everything to see what does what. The options are same for everyone, no matter what kind of headset you got.

PS: You should be able to teleport (best for infight/dungeons) AND walk/slide forward, for normal playing, questing, exploring the world. Also there is an autorun which you can enable by pressing the trigger while moving forward (I think).

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yup it definitely works, pull up the menu and look for a tab called locomotion and there’s quite a few settings to take a second and get your head around. You can teleport, teleport+slide, etc, set up the left vs right joystick (like left strafe, right turn) then separately choose whether turning is smooth or snap etc.

it’s worth fiddling around, but definitely works (source: have a quest)


Well there is only the options Teleport and Teleport + Slide for the usecase here. He is not looking for a way to rotate but for sliding around the area. Why only those options? Because it is basically manditory to be able to make teleport hop in combat to dodge some mechanics. But you CAN still slide.


Yes, currently there is no way to completely turn off teleport movement. You can turn on sliding and just use that exclusively, but the option to teleport will still be there. And like Scott said, in many boss fights, teleporting is almost essential.

There is another option to sprint while in combat (like a burst of movement speed). It is a toggle in the settings that I believe is on by default. It allows you to slide quickly while in combat. It uses your stamina similar to as if you teleported, so it is limited to how long you can sprint slide. To sprint, just squeeze the grip button while sliding. So while it may be a little harder, you can do the fights without teleporting at all if you want.