Locomotion Servers

The only thing currently holding me back is the use of teleport locomotion during combat PVE/PVP. I understand it may be hard to balance sliding vs teleport but you don’t have to. What about allowing us to choose between 2 servers. One for Sliding only and then the normal one for teleport/mixed locomotion. I feel like there is a lot of players who just want to use sliding and this would give everyone what they want. I mean every MMO has server options for player preferences.

I know that at this time having multiple servers may not be ideal due to player count but it is something to consider. I wish this game the best but I just can’t play it with the current method. If you have any feedback about this idea please let me know.

We will be experimenting with the idea of allowing trackpad during combat in the upcoming betas, but as of now there is only teleport. As far as seperate servers we wouldnt want to divide our population in the begining phases of the game so we probally won’t be going that route. I say probally becuase you never want to rule anything out, but it wont be happening in the imediate future.

I still encourage you to try the game this weekend, watching gameplay footage is good, but actually playing the game for a couple hours might change your opinion on the matter, or it might not. I do think it at least deserves some actual gameplay before ruling it out completely though.


I know teleport isn’t for me. The problem isn’t that I could use it during combat. I don’t want anyone I am playing against to be teleporting either. I just wanted to suggest this to you guys. I understand with a smaller playerbase it isn’t ideal but I wanted you to be able to consider it early for when the player count is there.

I know you said “teleport isn’t for me” but just try the game. I personally don’t like teleport in some games but Orbusvr is soo immersive that it is honestly not a problem for me. Even in PVP it has become part of the fun.

The open alpha is free so give the game a try and then the community would love to hear your feedback.

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Agreed, I’ve always had 0 interest in teleport and it doesn’t bother me at all here.

Sliding Locomotion is my preference out of combat but I like teleport in combat. It’s essentially a dash move. The longer you hold the teleport, the farther you can go

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I will give it a try but I will prefer slide only. Not going to change that but I will be testing out the other parts of the game. Glad someone is working on an MMO even if movement isn’t my preference. I just know several people who want the same as me so having servers with preferences makes sense just like all MMOs.

Well. Might make sense to you and not to others. Seems like a bad idea to fragment small populations for a couple people to me.

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IMO, you should only be able to use trackpad in combat. Teleporting whilst in combat kind of ruins it… With the trackpad you are running away, not teleporting which makes it more fun.

Maybe you’ll change your mind when you experience boss battles with aoes that you have to dodge.

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Did you not read? Lol I said when the player base is bigger. I guarantee you there would be more people interested in Slide only than mixed. It isn’t just a couple people.

Yeah been testing it tonight. Teleport just doesn’t work as a combat mechanic. I just want the game to do well and servers for peoples preference makes sense. Not sure why everyone thinks it only has to be their way. Lol Not like I am asking for them to lose the style they like.

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I think you need to play the game a bit more and see what comes out of beta before complaining non stop about teleporting ruining the game.

This topic isn’t a productive disscussion. As stated earlier everything depends on playerbase size. But as of right now no plans for seperate servers, but if playerbase grows large enough we will consider it.

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