Locomotion Suggestion: Micro-Ports using thumbpad vs aimed teleports

As someone who gets simulation sickness easy, I care about locomotion more than most.

I think the most successful game will implement multiple options.

One option that is not getting enough love is micoporting. The idea is simple, when you click a direction on the thumbpad, instead of sliding in that direction, you do a small teleport. This allows for strafing and tactical jumps, easier to reconcile with predictive pathing on network code and no sickness.

The main idea here is you do not have to stop fighting and look to the side or behind you to move. Just use the standard strafe and step back tactics. Make the jump really small, the equivalent of a large step to the side or back.

As an experiment I have done lots of tiny traditional teleports and am not affected by the blinking. Especially if you dim the edges of the screen a bit to show transitions.

You can keep the larger teleports for movement, and leave microports for tactical fights. When a mob is shooting fire, strafe to the side with a couple small no look jumps, then come back.


Im pretty sure there will be a locomotion for everyone to use pretty soonish. :slight_smile:
As a serverrule, there also could be a setting for a set locomotion. Bright future ahead, glad to be in!

Kind regards.

I feel like whatever locomotion they decide on, it should be used by everyone across the board for balancing reasons.

well pvp will be pretty boring, if everyone can port away fro your spells and stuff… yeah…
maybe put infight to move locomotion only…

I think the best solution is the one where players “teleport” by moving their ragdoll which walks/floats towards their intended teleport point. The ragdoll can be hit while in motion and the user can even move it like normal, the camera is just not “there” until they release the teleport button.

People like me with an Iron Gut can run around without issues using trackpad or whatever, while others can teleport without issues and are still subject to hazards while moving. Everyone wins.

I love the ragdoll for long walks. But the microport is for small side steps. Its for mobility in combat. Otherwise you will just stand still and swing your arms. Might as well add a hotbar and press 1 over and over.

Mobility is key to fun combat, jumping around, attacking and dodging.

I agree to what you are saying. If you want a tradition MMO you should go play a traditional MMO. Everything should be done manually, if you want to block an attack, you should have to move your sword/shield to block it. If you want to do damage you should have to swing/do the spell. This will definitely be an interesting step for the future of VRMMO’s in my opinion.

Wouldn’t the roomscale aspect be fine for the micro mobility “jump to the side” stuff? There’s no reason that the same button press for ragdoll walk couldn’t perform a short range roll/side jump maneuver with your ragdoll.

It is, but it will also give people with a larger room an advantage over people with limited room.

I’m with Michael_C on this one, why not provide the option for several different kinds? Define the max movement speed and then base teleport delays or run speed off of that. The below should make (almost) everyone happy and each has their pros/cons for play style.

Option 1: Micro jump by press or press and hold on the thumb pad, with a short delay in between jumps based on distance moved to keep you under the max speed.

Option 2: Aimed teleport, same as micro jumps but aimed, longer and a charge up delay. Budget cuts did this well.

Option 3: Walk in direction of non dominant controller by pulling the trigger and base speed on depth of trigger pull up to the max movement speed. Vivecraft did this and I don’t get sick unless I fly.

Option 4: Walk in direction of the thumb pad touch and scale speed like option 3 but based on how far toward the outside edge of the pad you are touching.

People with larger rooms will always have advantages in VR room scale games, unless you’re advocating we make this a seated experience or standing only, that’s not going to change.

Im not saying that it should be so overpowered that nobody would use real-space-dogding. All I am saying is that it might be fairer to allow users who have less than a warehouse of room to dodge aswell. Offcourse it is all up to the developers to decide whether or not to implement that, as it is this a heavily debated issue in almost all locomotion games.