Log for Player Stall

Similar to the Fellowship chest, it’d be nice to have a log to see what all sold when you get your dram. It would greatly help me figure out what all the market is hot for :slight_smile:


My workaround is to place a fixed amount, say, 20, 50 or 10, for everything or at least a type of goods, so I can remember it. Then I check every day, so I see what is gone from the batch (if anything). But yea a log with the sold numbers would be nice and easier!

I second the log
If you had some giant growth potions at a reasonable price (like it was in the OG orbus) I’d buy tons from you…

brb making potions :smiley:

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LOL (randomstuffaddedsoIcansubmitthismissageandnotbeblockedbythesystem)

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