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I recently purchased a new headset and i am getting this message when logging in to orbusvr.(email address allready associated with store account). I assume my login is linked to my last headset? Is there anyway we can unlink it so I can use my new headset please.

It is not linked to your last headset rather as you said. ( I can confirm this as my account works on both my quest 2 and 3

Are you using a new oculus/steam account?

New oculus quest 3

is it a brand new oculus account as in you had to buy the game again? Edit: As this seems like the issue it should only ask you to sign in with another orbus account if its not the same oculus or steam account.

I believe I did create that account on steam. Does that affect me playing on oculus? And no I did not have to purchase the game again, just download.

If your on the same store account from my understanding it shouldn’t display a login screen.

I’m not sure what I am doing wrong then… I have tried it keeps asking me to log in. MysticX was my account. It was a max level account and I was working on additional classes levels. What troubleshooting can I try?

You can’t fix it on your own, you need help from the Devs.
You may get a faster response if you direct message @Game_Master

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