Ok here is the THING…You have the 2 of the Biggest areas in the game , Lamavora and Hulthline’s Basin, in Lamavora YOU have like maybe 40 spots where gathering items spawn (not Counting Crystal Cave which there is a quest JUST for gathering in that cave) and Hulthiline’s Basin another maybe 40 spots. (i did not count all the spots but all im saying NOT enough) NOW you have the Daylies and Weekly’s that require you to gather from these 2 Locations. It was BAD enough when we had just the dailies and weekly’s now you added those 2 LOCATIONS for the LONG term missions… Can you Please Either add more gathering item spots or lessen the respawn time of the existing ONES? because the way it is now we all are fighting for few spots to gather… Thank you…


Gathering should always be left to crafters/gatherer(sellers), not quests. IMO gathering quests should just be scrapped as it just causes even more surplus ingredients. They’d be less offensive if you actually had to turn in the ingredients (basically translating time+materials into experience/overleveling, giving them dram value as everyone values XP). This atleast helps increase value of materials / goods & promote trading whereas currently people will just farm & hoard.

That is the quest could simply reward you for turning in materials, not the act of actually harvesting materials. Same for fish tbh, why should they care who fished it? Promote the economy & drain our stockpiles lol. The game rewards everyone for collecting, but then there is little to do with those collected goods, and fewer people who do anything at all with those goods.


Good Idea Delceri!!! im for that…

It’s likely that we will be adding more types of long-term missions including other zones than these, it just happened that these were the most common to start with, as you said.

Unfortunately regarding turning in items instead of collecting them for mission completion, we don’t currently have the ability to take in items from missions. I do agree that would be a great new type of mission potentially though.

If we had the ability to and we replaced gathering/fishing with it, it would lead to a situation where a rich player could just buy and turn in all the items and get the rewards without putting in the work, so I think for the existing types of missions that would be the wrong approach. But for a new type entirely, that could be interesting.

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Who would do such a thing :open_mouth:


I don’t see the issue with this though. Isn’t that the point? The wealthy have money and can’t spend it on anything. New players want rich players to buy their stuff. When poor players get money, they can begin to compete with rich players in AH stall auctions etc.

Giving rich people stuff to spend their money is the only way to circulate money back into the economy lol, aside from a handful of gold sinks that just destroys money/resources (which are also very good things).

Rich/poor aside, that is only a side effect of the greater good here. Cutting down on resources available in the game (the “gold/material” sink). This also potentially gives value to nonvaluable goods like Jocud or certain less desirable fish (as there will be a demand but very likely limited supply).


I agree, it could definitely be the point, for example the luxury mount quest, or the explore the realm turn ins both incentivize rich players to donate their stashed goods, or even the server boosts with dram, and we’re open (and looking) for more ways to have those kinds of reasons to spend materials and money.

But the existing long-term missions are more of a way to reward players putting in the time and effort in doing their favorite activities or work on a goal long term (hence the name). If you could bypass them directly to the reward at the end of the dozens of hours it might take you do one, it would defeat the purpose of them.

Collecting materials in Orbus is not a fun activity for anyone I’ve met haha. In moderation, it is okay. But it’s a chore. Fishing for some people can be fun. I myself enjoy fishing sometimes. Fish are already low in supply though, and could be considered a different conversation. Their resource is “infinite” whereas the materials people must harvest are finite and sometimes the more valuable materials are fought over. There are many useless materials though.

Perhaps keep fishing by weight as-is (since its by weight, not type, this means creating a lot of dwarf fish to finish up the weekly) , but let the material vendor be a turn-in? Maybe even include fish? Even turning in other tradeables like dyes/crystals?

I feel there’s a better solution than this compromise, but if people enjoy fishing won’t they just do it anyways? And then they can fish for different kinds of fish and sell those to players in need of those fish, since all fish will be needed? If more people need fish, and you enjoy fishing, that should mean more fishing time (and possibly more fishing buddies).

If fishing were made a turn in as well, some fish stacks go for up to 200k. But supply might increase(i can’t guess if demand will go above or below supply) and that could lower or raise prices. So depending how much of which fish need to get turned in, maybe a player with 5mil could afford to do that weekly for 5-10 weeks, but realistically they’d not let their dram get too low.

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Do these missions ever reset? I have heard this in game from people. If it does how long do I have until it resets.

They shouldn’t reset, you should have as much time as you want to do them.


They don’t reset I can attest to that.

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Thank you. I was worried because someone said they will reset every month. :slight_smile:

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