Looking for a fellowship - New Player Friendly


Hello, i’m Jolo in-game: atm level 7 (scroundel). I tried runemage & scroundel so far and like them both.

In future I will try other classes but atm i’m enjoying scroundel.
I just joinend yesterday so don’t know much atm but i’m active. Now more than normally because of some vacation days. But normally i’ll be available from 17-18h. I’m in EUROPE (Belgium)

I’m looking for a new player friendly fellowship who also does dungeons/raids/missions/activities together. I’m willing to join on discord.

My VR system is a Oculus Quest.

Thank you for reading and hoping to finding a fellowship soon. :slight_smile:

  • Jolo, 7, Scroundel, Fellowshipless
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One of our council members from Elven guild is BlindZelda and she’s from Belgium too :slight_smile: she wants to get to know other euro players so that you guys can join in on shards, raids etc in your timezone. Friend me in game or discord under hothotpockets#2155 and I can send you a link with an allied role so you can talk with Zelda

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Hey, I would like to be your I don’t have any friends on the oculus quest and would like to be your friend MY NAME IS: TheBirdVrd. I barley got the oculus quest orbus vr reborn

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