Looking for a fellowship noob friendly with prpgression


I am a l9 musketeer looking for groups and exploration and fun eventually some raid content i usually play a healer support role. I am currently up to the rain forest and I’m geated with only quest ormonster drop gear i play us east coast tome zone


good luck… most fellowships are “elitist” for lack of a better word
It’s near impossible to get a group unless you hit lv 20 months ago and made friends back then.


I’ll make the same suggestion here as I gave to Justin_E1 previously on another thread:

May I strongly recommend you join the fellowship and community discords? Quite frequently, fellowships will run raids or shards and need additional people. They typically post on one or more of the discord channels to pug. It may at the very least help you get a group or two every so often for raid or other grouped content.

For the record, I only started a few weeks ago, and I’ve hit level 20 on one class and 19 on a second. It’s not terribly difficult, and there are quite a number of opportunities to join groups (ESPECIALLY with the recent change for the first three dungeons).


I don’t think that is very true (i would change ‘most’ to ‘some’ there). Usually if a player applies to us, we give them a trial if they are looking to play 4-5 days a week. :smiley: . Just because someone is newer to the game does not mean they cannot be one of the best players in the game within a month.

I think there are other fellowship leaders that would agree with me on that although not all of them (some of them) have such recruitment policies and not all of them are looking to do regular steady end-game progress.


I appreciate the help, i must be playing wrong i either can never find a group or i wind up grinding mobs. It took me forever to get to a whopping level 9 on my musketeer. I either wind up grinding mobs and dying or running whatever quest i can find and complete. I must be missing something. I don’t mind playing and working at things but it is discouraging to just beat you head against a wall or at least that’s how it feels.


Dragon Gunters I think is a lvling guild that is still active. The problem is that as a whole orbus is still a very small community due to the limitations of affording VR. Technically with lvling scalling you should have less of a problem finding ppl to lvl with in dungeons. I would recommend getting on the community discord (Unofficial) and ask around.


Dragon Gunters and Stonecutters both have low levels but high levels as far as I know. Try there.


Thanks for the suggestions, I was looking for a leveling guild as well.