Looking for Casual Fellowship


I am looking for a fellowship that cares more about hanging out bullshitting and just having fun playing the game, than one fovused hard on endgame and min max etc.

Any fellowships out there like that? Members must also be OK with appearing on twitch as I stream.

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Ready Player One is exactly that. We are at still establishing ourselves and do plan to raid but we aren’t hard core. We’re more about having fun and playful banter . Let me know if your interested!

How many members @Floyd_K
Whats standard playtimes /timezone? Im 6-9ish when i play on weekdays, early morning if weekend
Im only level 4 ranger atm. Is that cool?

Some are on around noon cSt and others on later like 6pm CST and on. Level for us isn’t as important as an active player . What good is a level 20 who isn’t on and doesn’t help ?

How do I join floyed?

Would anyone be up from your group tp meetup maybe Tuesday to futz around so i can get a feel for your group? Dont want to join and hop because its not a fit. Used to run guilds and i kno how frustrating that is. :slight_smile: @Floyd_K

Of course. Sorry the website would not let me reply to you due to being new to the forumsZ

No worries. Whats your IGN

I am looking for something like this, is membership still open. My ign is darc a level 8 warrior and mage playing nights and weekends EST.

Damander, sorry I haven’t been on much today. Sprained my shoulder and tore my rotator cup. I will be on soon.

Hit me up. My name is Damander

Im out for the day but may be able to catch u tomorrow or friday

No problem. Catch you in game.