Looking for characters with incorrect level 3 bracer drops

Hi, we’ve received a couple reports of an issue where a player has received a bracer drop from the island mobs which should be a level 3 bracer, but instead received one like this, with no gold foil and it doesn’t say level 3:

Please let us know, on which character, and do not delete it.
Try equipping and unequipping it a couple times and see if it refreshes the stats and starts displaying it as a level 3 properly.

Thank you.

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woops lol
I deleted like 3-4 of them earlier (Wisdom bracers). Didn’t take long to get them though.

I recieved a level 3 from a treasure chest opened at green lady temple (lastnight/thismorning) but it only had an hour remaining on level 3 … asume that’s a bug as I thought 3s could only drop from island.

Can you restart the game or relog when you get a chance, and see if that updates?

We believe now they might occasionally still drop displaying incorrectly but they should update next time you relog or if you equip and unequip them. We have an additional fix coming for the initial drop error however.

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It was last night (after reset) so I played with it in inventory and in an hour it degraded to a level 2

Tho I did not equipt it.
Took screen shots of my combat log and timer but doubt that will be helpful to you.