Looking for Endgame fellowship

Hello guys !

After nearly 100h of playtime, I’m now looking to try Endgame content with a fellowship :slight_smile: (I mostly played solo till now)

I’m still pretty new to dungeons but I’m a fast learner and had some experiences on huge raids/parties on DAoC & WoW, so I could (maybe) help a little in the long run.

That said, I’m way more at ease writting english than speaking it (french guy inside) so I could be a little shy at the beginning and I apologize in advance for that ! (but I still would like to play with english-speaking people and try to improve my spoken english ^^ )

I enjoy playing warrior or support (musketeer for now) in dungeon but I can also play archer or scoundrel if a dps is needed :slight_smile:

I’m mostly playing somewhere between :

  • On weekdays : ~4 to ~6 AM GMT and ~6 to ~8 PM GMT
  • On weekends : Could be playing anytime except from 9 PM to 4 AM GMT

Thank you very much in advance !

See you in game :smiley:

It might be kinda rough to find a team raiding at those times… Maybe @Zom @CodyHayzett know?

Aw :worried:
At what times most teams are raiding ?
I can maybe try to adapt (if it lets me rest enough to not feel too exhausted for my day job).

Rebels is an english-speaking EU guild (means, playing in EU timezone) and we do meet up daily at around 5-7 PM GMT, that should match your playtime just fine. We are also low on players at some evenings, also raids I can’t promise but yea if we are enough 30s we try to raid as well.
If you want to give Rebels a try, here’s our discord:


Awesome, thank you, I really appreciate ! :slight_smile:

Carnage is the best one, Trumpchange is the coolest member https://www.carnagereborn.com

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trumpchange is lying, i am actually the coolest, trump is 2nd

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the best member is carlos


i think everyone is the best member =P

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I’m definitely the best member… :sunglasses::smiling_imp::innocent:

@Atropos yes you are

Woot, this topic went wild :smile:

Trumpchange is the coolest member

I can neither confirm nor deny but at least, your aged pots are cool :handshake:

i will tell trump that he will love it he is my guild mate

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