Looking for fellowship. 24 Mage

I’m currently power leveling my mage to 30 and am looking for a fellowship. I would kind of rather a smaller fellowship but anything works.

If you want a small guild that does end game content then there is always Monday knights, rebels, or karma.


Lol Karma isn’t a small guild

all fellowships are relatively small :thinking:

But in terms of relativity, Karma is the biggest guild right now

karma isnt the biggest guild for sure, but i guess they do recruit low levels, however he is looking for a level 30 fellowship, karma is still a small guild

still however, karma is for certain not the biggest guild based on the people with the karma member tag in their discord

The most important thing is your timezone/usual playing time actually… Rebels for example is an EU guild, so if you’re not able to come on at EU evening time (which of course can work out if you are for example american and don’t have to work at lunch/mornings…) this doesn’t make sense. Then there’s american guilds and even australian etc.
You can normally see the playing time stated in their advertisements in this category.

There are no big guilds in this game. Pick one that is active when you are.

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What timezone are you most active in and what hours can you commit to in the evenings? That’ll help us give some guidance.

I’m in EST and until school starts back up in September, I can do any time during the day or night. After September I can do 4pm-9pm and all day on weekends

If you’re active in US Central timezone, Monday Knights is always looking for fun, friendly players. Level doesn’t matter, only a good attitude :slight_smile:

-Mishka, Monday Knights

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Hello so I can see you would like a smaller group of people for a fellowship. The Zino fellowship is a very active, rather small, fellowship. We have weekly events like quest night, battleground night, world bosses, and dungeon night. If you are interested in joining talk to me and I can invite you to our discord server and you can check out how you like everyone.

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