Looking for Fellowship for fun


I’m a semi return player who played until about level 10 or so in original orbus and then held off until reborn came out but due to life happening. I’ve only started trying to get back into it now. I’ve gotten up to about level 8 now and am having trouble with parts of content and feeling a bit lonely on occasion. I’d like to find a fellowship of people who I can enjoy the game casually with and maybe do some endgame but with less hardcore commitment than I see in most fellowship recruitment posts. My in game name is Nedelkan and I tend to play during the night western USA time due to my graveyard work schedule.

TL;DR I want to enjoy the game more and I’m looking for friends

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If you want I would love to talk to you about the guild I am in called the Elven Archers of Shadowthorn. We have a decent amount of people but we are laid back but like to do end game content as well. I will say when it comes to leveling thought we will answer any questions and help you when possible but most of the time we recommend you try to level to 30 on your own mainly so you can learn the game. We have a discord server we all talk on and would love to hear back from you if you are interested. You can msg me on the forums and I will give you my discord info so I can get you a invite to the discord server. :slight_smile: Best of luck!

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Monday Knights is a very active guild always happy to bring in more players. We often do raids and shard dungeons, along with other non late - game experiences.

As long as you’re friendly and willing to have fun, there’s a place in the Monday Knights for you.