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Hey there. I’ve been playing for a couple of weeks and usually stream my progress. I’m a level 13 Scoundrel. Now I’m being pushed farther from Highsteppe and what I can accomplish Solo. I played with a group once and it was a lot of fun, but unfortunately, they haven’t gotten back on as far as I can tell. So I’m just looking for some people who are friendly and newer to the game who wants to explore, do group stuff together, ect. My name in game is NeoVR.


hey you can ask someone you see in game the same level as you or a little higher or even ask a friend you know outside of orbusvr who have vr can join that have orbusvr would be fun i had lots of friends who had orbusvr before me and i level and play with them together lots of fun

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Thanks. So far I’ve only convinced one friend to get VR. He got the game, but doesn’t play very much. I’ve asked a few in game peeps, we usually just clear out an area and part way. I thought posting on here would produce more long term result within the community:P BUt I will still continue to try in game as well


Or you explicitly ask if they come back online the next day around the same time to meet up again. That is how our long lasting fellowship came into existence.

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Thanks for the tip. Maybe I’m not following up as much as I should


same but before my friend made his fellowship i was looking for joining super friends or alphabet at the time i was level 18 warrior but i join my friend fellowship now that is carnage first made by 4 altspacevr friends now have a lot of friends with orbus community and altspacevr friends mix as a level 30 in 4 class

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When I had first started playing, I had coordinated on this forum to join a Spanish fellowship and meet up with players. The first friend I made by a chance encounter in game, we had added each other as friends in game and he found me in discord so that we could coordinate hangouts. Between the forum, discord, and in game friends list with its messaging system, I do hope you’re able to get a nice group together for venture quests. What timezone are you, and what are your usual play windows?

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That’s awesome @Airis! I’m EST. My job keeps me inconsistent. But usually a night player 10PM and such, but if I made plans I could get on in the morning before work.

@Vasilia_F Yeah I saw those two groups. But congrats on your group man :slight_smile:

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I would def check out the discord! Makes it easier to find peeps. Mithril#3589 on discord if you need help I have samish schedule =p

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Didn’t know there was a discord. That will help thanks!


The discord is where a lot of groups form up! If you haven’t found the link yet, this should work: https://discord.gg/sKd9B3N

It’s also in the community resources posted at the top of the forums. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve also met a lot of people using the dungeon queue system. Since it is scaled, you can run with a group that varies from all new people to a group primarily consisting of end-game players. I’ve had those queues turn into “hey, we should run some more dungeons together!” days.


Nice! Thanks for the link @KatVet. And I didn’t know the dungeons were scaled so I haven’t queued up yet. Thanks for the info. Make sense lol.

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