Looking for The Bear Club For Men

Hello there. I am a member of LGBTQ+ Community. Originally from Mexico, but has english as a second language. I saw a fellowship named: “The Bear Club For Men”. I am planning to create another character so I can see if I can join that fellowship. If any of the members is reading this, mind telling me if there are any requirements? Bard/Musketeer here!
Thank you very much!


Im also a member of the lgbtq+ community. The guild doesnt look too active. Only 2 members logged in the last month. If you want to join a guild to do group content you should look for some bigger/more active guilds. I can tell you from experience that the community of this game is really supportive and open minded. So you can play the game normally as the person you are without getting any problems.


Howdy! Thanks for looking us up!
We are a small fellowship of LGBTQ+ and have been growing lately as we’ve been more active.
Our fellowship was made by me and my partner a while back and we have been recently adding in friends and extended friends, along with new members from in game that we get a long with. The only rule we really have is that you have to be an adult. We would love to have you in our group if you would like to join. Lately we have been grinding for purple tier sets for shard dungeons, although the new winter event has somewhat distracted us while we get the new fun items it is offering. :smiley:
To Eletarion’s point, this game is full of very open and accepting people. And in my experience the moderators won’t put up with hateful behavior from other people playing. So if you run in to that, be sure to report it.
Thanks again for reaching out, if you look for me in game, I’m currently on my alt toon: Bigly

Take care!


Hello, Bigly!
I am glad to hear from the creator of the Fellowship. I am still a fetus in the game (cause I am not familiarized with the shards, dungeons and purple thingies you mentioned), I am still learning a few things at the moment. Also, I am 23 years old, which I think is considered to be “Young Adult”, so not sure if you and the group feels comfortable about that. Also the fact that I am a noob in the game haha. Anyways, let me know. I am looking forward for an answer and if it’s a “no”. I completely understand. Hope you are well!


Heh youre welcome to join! We will be around in game today, if you wanna hit us up or send me a message in there!

Cya in game!


Hello is this fellowship still active?