Lore boys Last lore theory- what is the ending?

Hello everyone seeing as we won’t get an ending of the orbus lore I decided to make a few and if some of you like it then it can be your personal head Canon

First ending is what I would like to see as the happy ending-
With Sephotep dead and markos back in control we have restored the citadel and used it for its intended purpose. We traveled and mapped the multiverse finding new life and new technology. We were able to take whisper (salvaging kid) back to her dimension where she was able to start a new collage of elite woman warriors.
Helga sorrows name was wiped clean and she was able to finally fix the airship as well as finish uncovering the secrets of the esasa.
Sicilus decided from the guilt of building the citadel which summoned nodenghast and seeing its destruction that she would use her smarts and great inventive skills to clean up the mess that was made restoring the wastelands and minimizing the chaos essence around our realm.
Pierre Chen Found the vaccine to cure the essence radiation and was able to turn the scavs and the starfrushers back to normal humans and animals.
Marlow or Poe decided that he liked the persona he took up and got into more fighting and he got to the point where he was truly as good as everyone said he is.
Chef Lethrow Hired a new staff from Ottathamine allowing him to fish more and continue feeding the ever growing population in highsteppe.
Darius no longer seemed death now that he is at peace with the death of his wife and left the walls of highsteppe to seek out and destroy the last remaining tear minions in our realm.
In all we enter another golden age and everyone gets their happy ending.

Another way the orbus world could go is a bit more darker which I call the chaos ending-
With more portals opening around the realm chaos essence slowly creeps in turning more and more creatures into the gods of chaos. Pierre Chen makes the vaccine for the chaos essence but eventually finds out they have over harvested the roots of the guardian tree to make the vaccine and the tree eventually dies. due to it leaving no more protection in highsteppe and no more vaccines to be made. everyone unvaccinated mutates into the scavs and the rest of the wildlife become the starfrusher. As more and more chaos pours Into our realm the mutations get worse and start mimicking the gods of chaos. The line between the realm of order and realm of chaos breaks and we are now fully combined with our sister world. The world of orbus is no longer how it used to be with strange impossibilities, creatures with long tentacles that resemble wood roam the land. And inside caves scavs that no longer resembled humans cast dark magic waiting for their new god.

These are the best I could come up with for the time being and of course if you have another way you could see orbus ending please share it with us! Both of these were made in under an hour so they don’t have much detail and not too thought out but if one is received very well I might make a more in-depth ending.

Last thing is as you might of already seen is this is my last lore theory I will be making. It’s been fun to make these and I’m hoping someone else will step up and continue writing some in the future. I want to thank people for reading them, some of them were silly and you can go though the game without knowing any lore but the fact people spent time to to read these made me so happy since it usually took a while to make one. I will of course still be helping people with the lore and answering any questions so that won’t be gone. Once again I want to thank everyone who reads these I spent more time then I should have reading the lore of this game so when people read them it lets me know that it wasn’t for nothing.
And of course thank Nodenghast and thank Rupert.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us, @stone_r !
I’d feel really comfortable with the happy ending - a vaccine for the essence radiation, yay! But the overuse of roots unfortunately makes a lot of sense. How bout they could restore the tree in the Wastelands first? Or maybe find more tree saplings by exploring the Mugwoods?


:’( this makes me so sad. I’ve enjoyed reading your theories on the lore of the game, but I look forward to creating more legendary tales with you soon!

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I too like the happy ending most and with the chaos ending is my original ending since to me it makes the most sense but I just don’t want to leave feeling like the Orbus world is in ruin.

I don’t think this could be the case because it is hinted the tree protects us from the essence radiation is because we buried guardian Bart under it, so I doubt there will be another tree like it and I personally believe the tree in waste lands attracts chaos essence being like an opposite of our tree but that’s just my thoughts on it and don’t have any real evidence so we could possibly restore it. As for exploring the mugwoods what about a better idea where everyone shrinks then it would take forever for us to run out of anything.

YES! I can’t wait!!


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