Lore problem with solution

this isnt a bug problem or anything like that but more with telling people the lore, the other day i was walking around highsteppe and was asking pretty much everyone i saw what they thought of the lore and not one could tell me anything half didnt even know there was lore i can see if some people dont care for it and just want to play but i feel like they should at least know who the “final boss” aka stephote even if they dont know who he is that way they know what there really working towards and not just a higher level and cool loot. a solution to this could be right at the beginning of the game you spawn near a cave outside of highsteppe near the citadel you then make your way a short distance to guild city to the area the 5th guild city boss is and is replaced with stephote and two guards having to walk here will get the user convertible with the controles. as you walk to the area with stephote whispers also there an arrow points to whisper showing to go talk to him this is where it shows how to wave at an npc, he explains to you that he is going to try to kill stephote and asks for your help. you say yes and you both walk over to a big glowing crical showing where to stand stephote says some evil thing and the first gard attacks you while the other one is “fighting” whisper it teaches you how to fight with your class and you defeat your enemy but if it takes over say 3 minutes whisper kills him for you to avoid irritation but he suggests that you look in the back of the book for further insight. once the guards are defeated whisper shoots some magic and stephote but it goes through him. stephote asks him why he thinks he would really leave the citadel and disappears. whisper congratulates you and opens a portal to highsteppe like the ones in old game you walk through and your where people normally spawn in the graveyard where you can then talk to randle and fully start your orbus adventure. you would not be able to return to the tutorial area once you leave and you cant die there, the enemies will be very under powered and weaked stephotes there not his enraged form also it would be cool if stephote notices you and says something about how he saved you. i feel like this would be super fun and a lot better because your not just reading and doing what someone else tells you to do it would feel more like a life or death situation (for your character) hooking players when they would have lost interest from the not so fun tutorial we have now, this one also connects to the lore. another cool thing could be that camp fires that would be around the map that you could go near and wave to a mysterious hooded figure that you cant tell if its human or not you wave to him a text box would appear asking if you want to sit by it and listen if you say no well nothing happens but if you say yes it would put you in a cutscene like thing where it highlights important parts of the lore but not a drawn cutscene like in old game it could be a more simpler easier thing that would be able to produce fast, these dont have to replace the books just touch more on key events that happened. but i would like to hear other suggestions one how to make the lore more noticeable and not with the current system of you having to ask others about it


my god did i type a lot, i spent 20 minutes on this lol