Lost Progress near Ma'at's Keep

Sorry this is a bit long, but I want to give as much info as I can. Some of it is probably not even needed, but maybe it is?

I’d just finished killing wolves around Wenderwood with a group, had died a few times and disconnected once while alive, coming back into the game already dead, the group was disbanding around then and I’d checked and was no longer in the party(probably since disco?). Updated to some new runemage gear on my toon, tried and failed(death) to kill a red star’d thief next to the airship stairs in Wenderwood. So then switched specs from Runemage to Musketeer. Killed the thief(sweet revenge) and a few other things, mostly targeting sheep for the second Arc quest. Around the Guard tower at Hulthine’s gate, there were some players shooting a tongue demon (that I’d released :slight_smile: ) from the top of the tower. It was aggroing and de-aggroing from them. I got too close and it aggro’ed to me so I jumped into the tower to escape. Didn’t do anything in the tower, just turned around and left. When I exited the tower my game ‘glitched’ and I ended up in an area that looked like Highsteppe town, but without any buildings/players, just basic terrain and grass. I could tp around but my finger menu wouldn’t respond to log out. So I exited the game via the Steam menu. I forgot to save my output_log :disappointed:
When I logged back in about 20 minutes later, I was dead in the middle of the Wenderwood wolf field. My spec was back to Runemage, which I discovered after trying unsuccessfully to take out my musket several times :wink: And my better gear was no longer equipped. I checked my Journal and the 4-6 sheep that I’d killed for the quest were no longer being counted, 0/8. My wolf progress was good though. I logged out at this point and have pulled my output_log file, but I’m not sure if this second file would be useful as I’m guessing the first file would contain the data needed?

So we just put out a new patch about 15 minutes ago to hopefully help with this. Did this just happen since that restart?

Before the restart, I didn’t see your note until after I’d posted

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