Lost Remnant quest


Help … I used 6 potions total (2 from quest giver and made 4 more) and still can’t find last of those lost remnants… googling didn’t help since everyone is so spoiler sensitive there is no answers anywhere just posts like this one… “i’ve pmed you 3 locations” yeeey now the next person will have to create post as well… 3 hours, 6 potions, this quest is really annoying… “somewhere in this zone there are 3 super tiny items good luck stumbling across them” …would anyone be kind enough to either reply with locations of 3 lost remnants please?


Arnt it the Hammer, rope and stick?


No, its part of explorers league in lamavora frontier.


Yes, because, guess what, we are not allowed to spoiler quest solutions on the official forums… see my pm for locations.

PS: There are places without spoilers, I could google a reddit thread etc. having this info… but some are hard to google, true, best is to join a guild to get access to info, most put extensive resources and quest help on discord (some of it is public, so no need to even join).


The unofficial discord has a quest help channel which is perfect for this kind of help, if you’re not on the discord I’d recommend joining it for the next time you get stuck


Properly exploring with iticac can give you other unexpected rewards.


thank you so much for all tips, especially Metris_Marshmallow for pm.

Sorry for complaining about spoilers censorship :slight_smile:

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