Mage Portals are depressing!

I miss the old portals so much. I understand the new portals were to stop player teleporting which is a good thing but portal design could have stayed the same. I would like to see the old design come back but instead of just a blue circle it could have a picture with each unique teleport. For instance Vulcan Point will have a picture of where you come out looking on the portal to give the feel as if you actually walked through a portal. You can still make it something you grab but this would be more aesthetically pleasing and help with the adventure feel.


Largely i miss teleport runes for every pillar. What’s the point of having the mage runes if they can’t be used for every pillar. If anything the runemage should be able to access them all via spells and the pillars themselves should only have 1 per zone by direct travel (giving the class itself utility for groups)
Having the primary and secondary runes for zones worked well, reduced the creativity needed to come up with runes, 1 rune for a zone, and one of several repeated runes for each location within a zone.

As for grabbing and having an old actualy portal back, would be cool if you had to reach in and grab the portal to teleport, I can understand that being a thing, to help reduce tricking people. However I personally and perfectly happy with the current stand summon and ball pickup, I think that is cool too.


I liked Riley’s old idea of having a spectral door appear which u could open to go through


I really like the orbs! I do miss being able to draw a port to anywhere. But I think that the orbs are cool.


The orb things are cool looking but it doesn’t make sense for a portal. When I think of a portal I think of something I walk through, not grab a ball and shove it in my face.

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