Mage protect spell

What are the numbers for this? I cast it on myself and checked my stats. Nothing had changed.

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Wish I knew. It gives you a buff icon on your bar like the warrior ultimate but no numbers change on your character sheet. It makes a difference in a fight, but Iā€™d like to know what the numbers actually are .

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It boosts your armor by an additional 25%.


Any idea what we can expect from upgrades to the spell?

Level 2-3?

Nothing to share right at this moment, no.

Is the warrior ultimate armor buff the same as a runemage shield spell (25%)?

Edit: the warrior horn shield for allies has a separate icon from the shield/ult icon. Does this mean it has a different armor buff %?

The Warrior horn shield is an actual shield that absorbs a set amount of damage, not an armor boost.

The Warrior Super is the same buff but it is a 100% boost instead of 25%.