Mage, Scoundrel, Paladin, and and and contest area!


An idea that just came to my mind tonite… now that we got those marvelous dmg logs (which often tell nothing if people die or other circumstances occur) what about a contest area for all classes, like the former mage contest was?

There are dummies or mobs scaled to lvl 30, you can go there and start it anytime, the area is instanced, dmg and time to bring enemies or dummies down will be logged, potions will have no effect, weapons are leveled +0, just shoot at them with all possible skills you got, get a highscore after that.

I would really be digging such a place, with all classes I play, of course it should be assured you can’t glitch them … or even a parcours with different enemies to kill!

That would be a real fun solo activity I think, resulting in a leaderboard across player’s timezones.


I vote no on a straight dps mechanic. Having them based around class mechanics could be fun!

Scoundrel: test show off capability with a speed + distance + curvature formula with targets that pop up

Musketeer: similar but at snipe range

Paladin: maybe a set of set level mobs, see how many you can hold onto before you die. Spawn new ones periodically