Mage tournament challenge - 200,000 dram reward


Took a while for the official leaderboard to update but here it is, great job all that got involved and good luck for those going for the runners up reward!


Machines! Awsome



Grats J! Couldn’t have been easy


The secret is “100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and a 10km run EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!” - Saitama


New challenge and reward! I’ll be matching Johann’s 100k dram reward (that 50k dram runners up prize is still up for grabs)

:fire: Whoever has the number 1 spot on the 1st of April will Receive 200k Dram! Lets keep this competition burning! :fire:

There are 52 days left so if you’re new to the mage arena you have plenty of time, get practising and maybe you can steal that number one spot!


All mages after practicing.


I recommend people do not do too much in one sitting and relax their arms in between tries, it will make your scores better, and your arms will function longer. I did get injured doing this too recklesly back in the days. :slight_smile:


Runners up prize went to @Sift


@J11 Truly impressive! enjoy that dram :wink:


I set a new record! 23204.

@Chezil because i received the previous prize money i cannot receive prize money again unfortunately.


Sift is now the highest scorer with 23323 ! beastly


Noooooo, please enough is enough guys how much higher is this gonna go? :smiley:

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