Mage tournament challenge - 200,000 dram reward


Posting on behalf of Johann as he’s banned on the forums.

To keep things going until reborn Johann is offering 100k dram to anyone who can beat Alu’s mage tournament score, I’ll also add 100k in for it too, I guess you have around 2 months left so get practicing and smash some scores! The score to beat is 22,929 points!

Good luck!

Edit: 1st Prize has been rewarded, New challenge awaits:

New challenge and reward! I’ll be matching Johann’s 100k dram reward (that 50k dram runners up prize is still up for grabs)

:fire: Whoever has the number 1 spot on the 1st of April will Receive 200k Dram! Lets keep this competition burning! :fire:

There are 52 days left so if you’re new to the mage arena you have plenty of time, get practising and maybe you can steal that number one spot!

Mage tournament challenge reminder!

I add 29290 dram to the pool :wink:


Title updated :wink:


Ooo , this is some good incentive to practice more.


This just got a lil spicy.


I’m waiting for the day where someone programs a Robot Arm that just dominates the Mage tournament.


why are you guys doing this to me, now I will have to start practicing all over again. That top score is absolutely no joke. jk love you all, sounds very exciting.


Is the superhottie making a return?! :smiley:


Nice job Sift! Sift is come for you Alu. Let Project 23k began.


I love that cowboy and sift both have the exact same score


Unless they go and beat the record during the weekend I will get started with practicing next week since I am travelling to cambridge for the weekend. Also I might start buying more strenght potions and rocky balboa soundtrack, gotta feel powerful.


I’ve gotta do it now. There is too much on the line for me to stop now!



OMG. Well done!

I say lets give other ppl the change to beat you for a few days :wink:


get outta here. They had a whole week atleast!


Yeah but weekend hasn’t even started :roll_eyes:


so you are withholding the prize money :thinking:


Was more a suggestion. If other ppl don’t agree then we don’t do it.


I’ll pay my 100k once I get home from work, I will let Johann know too.

To keep things going a little longer, I’ll give 50k to the next person to pass Alu’s score as a runners up prize


considering i did this for fun… Ill throw another 20k back in the pot on top of that to put the total for runners up to 70k :smiley: .