Main quest bug-roman

bishop roman not in next city

Log out and let me know what your in-game name is, and I will fix it for you. Sorry about that.

In game name is Snow

Okay should be fixed for you.

I seem to have the same issue… space… however I do not have the Guardian cape… does Roman give that to me? I am standing in front of him however he has the grey question mark? Thank you!

the cape is given to you by guardian bart, if the NPCs have grey “?” it means there are objectives to that quest that still need completed

I have the ticket and went to bart on the last beta - not sure why I didn’t receive anything and now bart does nothing lol… I guess that is why I have been wondering around clueless lol!

ok, if you started the “airship” quest last beta its probally bugged.

So I am stuck/locked out of the quest line?

I have logged out until I hear from you guys - I hope it can be fixed? Please let me know - thanks in advance.

whats your in game name?

Thanks Robert - space

are you still logged out

yes I am currently logged out

you can log back in should b fixed

thank you - trying now!