Major money dumps


Economy in orbus is bad.

The consumables requierd in the game are verry limited, and the popular ones are purchased from other players. Money is continuously created but there is no drain to speak of, except for ONE TIME purchases of transmogs.

You need to add more continuous dram dumps. Rentable things, limited time boosters from npc’s, XP boost potions, party items.

If the guildhal ever gets looked at it could use a monthly upgrade cash dump. You can easily charge a guild millions of dram per month for minor perks with the current economy.

Basicly, give us things to do with our cash so it stops piling up faster then we can spend it!


1 time use or limited use party items sounds awesome. +1 some more things to sink dram into


All very good ideas, specially the party boost! Also xp boost could help those goin for perks or alt-class leveling (and this won’t boost new players to infinity since they likely won’t have piles of dram at the start to consider it).

Also I do think new types of potions would help the economy bunches.


I think the tinkerer class that’s coming out is to address exactly this.