Make Ingredients on Crating Table Easier to Reach



The size of my place space doesn’t allow me to reach to the middle of the crafting table to grab ingredients. I haven’t been able to finish the quest where I need to create a healing potion because of the size of my playing space. I’d like to suggest that ingredients should be put on the edge of the table instead to accommodate people with small playing spaces such as myself.


I do agree that sometimes it can be a pain to reach stuff on the tables, Should be easier to remove collision on them this would easily fix the issue of stretching to reach stuff! However the tables look completely different in Reborn might be easier to use when the expansion drops.


It would be nice if it was multi-level like a shortened tackle box or even a bookshelf. So you would see like a 3 x 3 on each side of the cauldron. This would make it a lot easier to grab and see from the cauldron.


The new table in the beta is a half circle around you, also with your back against the wall, so none of that “not reachable” crap any more hopefully.

Could only make ruins potions last beta, so we will se what the new one give.


Something to note that might help is that the table does have 2 rows on it, each slot in the chest corresponds to a specific place on the table. You can try moving the materials to different slots in the chest and see if any are reachable that way.


Hi, we definitely understand that it’s not completely practical right now, and this is something we’re fixing for Reborn. I don’t think we’ll be making changes to the world for the current version, but it will be much better in the future.

Other than that, like AugustLocke mentioned, you should be able to skip one slot in the chest to make the items spawn closer to the edge for now. It’s not ideal, but hopefully a workaround.

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