Make potion crafting table smaller


So it is great that the potion craftng table is round now, BUT it is so wide that someone with a 3 meter (10 feet) wide playspace can still not reach both ends of the table. You need like 4 meters (13 feet) to be able to reach both ends. Please make the table way smaller… This is as bad as the old game in my opinion.


Yup I find myself trying to flick the thumb stick to make these small movements to try and grab the mats towards the end of the table which isn’t ideal


Honestly find the current table worse can only reach about 4 ingredients at a time, had 6 within reach on the old one without careful positioning.
Would it be possible to allow us to customize the tables size ourselves similar to how avatars are customized, some nobs around the benches to change height, angle, rotation and length?
Preferably in positions away from ingredients, such as a little below the bench-top