Make Pvp Arena More Enticing


I’ve recently gotten into Pvp, particularly with Pvp Arena. Unfortunately, the queue is usually empty. It’s understandable as other than bragging rights there’s no real point. Maybe some dram or a Pvp only cape after N # of wins would entice people.


it cant even be used for bragging rights since 4 people can constantly play together and let one win constantly


Agree 100%, this is something I thought about later but don’t know a good solution, being able to challenge people to duels would be fun with some small wager would be neat


They need to make battlegrounds which they said they would be making at some point. The current one has a ton of flaws and really doesn’t work.


I loved playing in battlegrounds on wow, having something like that on here would be amazing


Please bring on some CTF!


Let us be level 20 with talents in one area. Lends a hand is not accessible, Runemage cannot compute :disappointed_relieved:


a battle royale mode would be dope asf


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