Make Ranger not so useless

Hi the ranger class is like doing zero damage with rapdity and with precision they are not doing that well too. I could just switch to scoundrel and deal with 1 loaded shot as much damage as 10 arrows with rapidity and I need much more times than scoundrel and its more easy

Just a tip. If you were to spend the time and get all the dps numbers and stats and then came here stating them it would make for a better argument.

For instance I have never seen @Scott make a post or claim without getting just about every detail first.

For instance he might already have the exact numbers and differences already written down somewhere.

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like I said 1 loaded shot as scoundrel do damage like 10 arrows or more with rapidity
what do I need more to say xD I dont think we need to argument that
they need to watch the damage by themself and dont trust any random person from the internet

my suggestion is they should look into this class and talent

1 charged scoundrel shot takes about 1.8 seconds if timed perfectly. You can shoot about 3 arrows per second (a bit more). And then you forget that there are special ranger arrows and a charged shot where you don’t shoot arrows per second. And we have weak spots at play too. All those combined makes the difference between comparing 1 attack type of the scoundrel and the ranger total power more compicated then just 10 arrows vs 1 charged shot.

It is true though that rapidity ranger is kinda bad. But its not like its 10x worse then a scoundrel. More like 20% worse. And precision ranger 10%-ish. (don’t quote me on those percentages. Just giving a rough estimate on top of my head on my past calculations what the difference was. Can’t look at them now on this pc too)


20 % more worse xD prove it

I can deal 10k per shoot and I have 6 = 60k
then I can load my bullet with 1,8 sec dealing 20-30k damage

when I go rapidity I can deal 3-5k Damage with some hot spots like 5k when im lucky and crit too
loading the arrow is like 23k damage in 1,8 sec but with 8 sec cooldown
just tested right now i do 2,8k dmg per shoot and only 5k with spots i hittet

I can pull cards as a scoundrel too and deal more dmg
I can pull the cards much more often than taking the 2 arrow
so the luck in taking the right card is not even worth to be compared

for me thats not like 20 % more worse more like 50 % worse or more
If you want we can meet in Highsteppe and we meet to kill 1 enemy. When its only 20 % more worse you could kill the enemy like in 2 sec later then me.
Im realy sure you will need much longer :stuck_out_tongue:
and it doesnt matter if we compare it because like you said the talent with this class is bad
why do it have to be bad?
why you need dps numbers when we all know its bad?

AND I think the rapidity ranger is more for mid range or close range and scoundrel i can use everywhere so its much better
I even can compare it with shaman because of it range and then we can see the differents very much

I feel like something is wrong with these numbers. Again can not check now. Would love to check them when I can. But its past midnight for me and I have to work tomorrow so not goong to go through that madness now :grimacing:

Well rapidity ranger is remnant of old Orbus where the only ranger type in the beta was rapidity WITHOUT a shoot cap. Then ppl complained that they wanted a more precision ranger. So thaat got added together with the talents. Then almost everyone went presion because it was alot easier. Except for the few who got used to rapidity. Then they capped rapidity to X arrows. Rapidity was with math a very low amount better then precision in dps. Sadly rapidty was never viable and in practice every try hard rapidity was lower dps anyway. Because they couldn’t maintain speed at distance. The few old players still sticking to rapidity ranger prevented the devs from removing that talent probably. But then Reborn came out and the weak spots came out. The advance of a high damage number on weakspots outweight the small advantage of rapidity. So precision ranger is better now anyway. All old players who played rapidity stopped by now and gave up fighting for rapidity after no help from the devs after multiple cries for help. You can find the posts on the forum still. Your not the first. And prob not the last. And thats the situation now.

Also if you want to talk about unfairness you have only seen the beginning of class difference.
Any good shaman will outdps any good scoundrel. Making scoundrel useless now in your mindset. Btw scoundrel and shaman are about equal in theory (sadly tilesets are too hard for scoundrel) Then very good mages do already more dps then any shaman can do even theoretically. Making that even more of a stupid unfairness. We can basically say balance everything up thats not a mage -_-

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I do hope they maybe look at rapidity in the future. Def the weakest of the dps. And everything else with all the other classes. You never know. Might happen in the future.

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yes please check it this week and post it I realy want to know if you think like the 20 % more worse is right . Its realy much more worse xD
just if you want to because we all know its bad and we dont need to prove it until they are ready to change something

I just compare shaman and rapidity because of it range
they both are standing mid and close range as a scoundrel I can dodge from very far and its much more easy to hit the enemy. With rapidity I can shot from range too but I would miss much more arrows then from shooting and its just not worth to go range with rapidity.

I dont know why the balacing is so bad. Isnt that what the games make? I dont think I can have fun when I see everyone is doing much more damage then me just because I want to play that class with that talent. Do you think someone wants to have such a loser in his party for higher shards? XD They look at my damage and say " never again, this guy is doing zero damage "

I love the new addons and happy to see them but after some hours and during the new content I have to cry because I dont deal damage like others? xD
Is it so hard to test some balacing and ask players for the opinion?

For me its a Problem when @Morfran or other people is going to post about a topic from a class they never played. please I want that the Devs see the problem. When you post " I have never seen Scott making a post without many details " do you think the Devs will reading the post. They thinking im talking crap and dont look at this problem anymore.

And the first post from Scott too. After the sec post we can see clear that im right with the topic when everyone was saying the same about the damage of this and other classes.
We see we have balacing problems.

I would like to know if the Devs are going to do somehing about that or just ignoring it ?

this is like explaining my topic
I dont think we need more to read

please change something @Devs
look at the classes maybe all.
Do balacing

I dont see any bards in high level too
I dont know about this class so I dont post about it

I understand your frustration. I do want to note that its not all about dps though. Its a game to have fun. And its a combi of dps and tactics and staying alive. I am running with a group of almost only rangers and we are surviving (not every run the case though). Its harder for sure but we do the highest content and its still possible. But ya from time to time I get frustrated how much slower we are then groups that just go with out of balance classes only. But it is still doable with alot more determination.

Again stressing though I want it more balanced though -__- because it can be alot harder with the wrong classes.

(Our group has mainly bard healers, bard is superior :stuck_out_tongue: #TeamBard)


A good ranger can rock the battlegrounds though.

I know a lot of players hate seeing me line up a shot from a distance, even though newer players aren’t as confident in my aim until they’re hit.

@ Scott
and good to know that bard is viable.
sounds funny but painful to play as full ranger group
i takes much longer ya and only playable without rapidity
Its realy frustrating me that they dont do balacing T_T

@Tman yes at pc you can rock in pvp if you fight on distance
but on quest you cant even see someone from far away : p
and its about the pve content
I know that every class can rock in battleground when the player is good enough
in /Dungeon you have TIME for Shards. If you deal so much more less damage compared to shamans AND THEY just have to click 1 time do deal much more damage then you see that something is wrong with the balacing

Just going to chip in with for a second, rangers are capable of doing big dps numbers. 40k-50k dps this one person from Rouge fellowship did. She was using rapidity too.

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why do you even post xD

Edit: sry I was a little rude
just read the thread
we know range ranger can do damage
its not thaaat bad but still needs some refine

Play with more Bards. We’re definitely here :slight_smile:

Am I not allowed now is it mate? Sorry, I wasn’t aware :thinking:


First off I have played Ranger and I agreed it needed to be worked on? So don’t try to come at me because you got butt hurt when I told you how to approach the situation properly. Rather than making yourself look like someone who is just complaining as you said.

There is a reason I mentioned Scott and he proved it as he walked in here. He is going to bring all the facts right from the start of his approach to the matter.

And honestly buddy if you get upset over difference of opinion so easily maybe you should be reluctant to post. I mean the way you snapped at @Pyronaeus saying “why do you even post” like oh I’m sorry my dude didn’t know we had to ask you if we could post or not my bad.
On a serious not we are all friends here, We can have heated debates without getting rude.

Everyone has a right to express their own opinions, with that said speak your mind but please refrain from being rude or discriminating or anything like that please.


I’m still very much against the idea that every class should be able to do the same amount of damage. A VRMMO is different from a normal MMO in that a VRMMO has more complex mechanics for its classes. In a normal MMO every class, despite having different attacks, is played the same way (click buttons on keyboard). In orbus this is obviously not the case. The different classes in orbus vary in complexity and difficulty. When considering the DPS of classes you have to consider how difficult it is for that class to reach its max potential DPS. If every class did the same damage, then shaman would dominate every other class easily because of how easy shaman is. That is obvious even now by just looking at how a good shaman will do more damage than someone on any other class that is equally as good. It just doesn’t make sense to have every class do the same damage when you consider things like this. Everyone is used to normal MMOs since that is all they have to compare orbus to, but orbus is nothing like normal MMOs when it comes to class mechanics.

TLDR: In a game where every class has actions of various complexity and difficulty that one must perform to complete the same task (doing damage) it makes no sense for every class to have the same potential DPS because the easiest of the classes will dominate all of the other much harder classes.


Honestly very well said.