Make the bullet that curves do the rank 5 damage in pvp

I’m so tired of little timmy point blanking and doing the same as if some aim god rank 5s you from the dominoes across the street also this would make it so scoundrel can one shot in battlegrounds while still being very skill expressive.


Use left side first talent and true gambler for way more chance to 1 shot. You can still 1shot if its a critical. Also using easy mode makes bgs way easier due to close quarters

While this does work it’s still not what I want I want someone to be rewarded for rank 5s in pvp rather than rank 5s having nearly no real benefit to do in pvp as it would feel very unsatisfying to rank 5 from a far distance with scoundrel but you didn’t crit so now you’ve gotta either try to approach while in combat or you have to hit another shot like that


Damn, too bad.

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