Make your comeback

Make a comeback. Zenith is dying and many of the end gamers in zenith has moved to orbus. Don’t let this opportunity go. Zenith was the game that made you fall off but now zenith is falling off. Please see this.


Wish it was all up to the developers but getting new players into a game that looks like 2017 VR at a price tag is pretty hard. I’ve tried getting my friends into the endgame but they could not get past the game feeling like early vr (this is after I bought the game for them). The thing with Zenith is it removed a huge portion of our player base we went from about 200 people peaks daily to falling off to 0 and a few weeks later the people who didn’t like zeniths idea of endgame at 1.0 came back or just quit playing VR in general. This graph from the Orbus armory just flat-out speaks more than I can put into words.

Edit: Just noticed that the graph doesn’t have dates the big peak was December 2021 Christmas then the release of zenith then the game just stayed in the toilet for the last 2 years.
If the game can get out of the 30-40’s playercount and get back to the state that it had used to be 80-100 It feels like the game developers would have a reason to come back, but the current issue with this is that there’s not nearly enough monthly sales to justify having even 1 developer working full time (from my knowledge and seeing how many little sprouts come in daily)
Just to clarify I’m not hating on Orbus, I love the game been playing it for 3~ years racked up 1400-1500 hours on my main character and probably another 500 across numerous deleted accounts. I want to see this game come back, but everything in life dies

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