Making sticking spells on wands not a default behaviour


So I was thinking why don’t we make the mage spell casting mechanic to: you single press to shoot a spell and hold down your button for about 1 second to stick the spell on your wand? Normally a spell caster wants to release his spell as fast as possible. When you are actually sticking a spell in your wand and do nothing with it, it is not a time sensitive situation anymore. So keeping a button pressed for 1 second to “stick” the spell on your wand makes more sense, right? This would also reduce the button mashing and cast release delay problems.


Yeah, i really would like it,its annoying to press the vive touchpad twice (#vivetouchpadproblems)
I have the problem so many times that my spell just stuck on my wand still after pressing the button twice :roll_eyes:


I think the only change I personaly would want is instead of the second press of the touch pad using the trigger insted


noooo, this would be so much worse. please just make it cast it and release it in one press.


I agree with Scott and potato. It would be a good fix to just press it once and probably help with the stickiness bug.


So in the new Reborn beta the way that Runemage casting works has been reworked, it is much faster and smoother now (you will be amazed). We could still potentially end up making this change but give the new re-work a try first and let me know what you all think.


Wow, I don’t think I have ever seen you make such a bold statement. I like it and am really looking forward to trying out this new casting system and being “amazed” :slight_smile:


That is amazing to hear. I do think though that pressing the button twice will still give a problem which will be the lagg of the player spamming twice and the button mashing in general (button spamming gives a fibe of delay even if it is not there). But I agree for now best thing to do is see everyones reaction with the new smoother casting.


I’ve noticed this too. I have a high ping, and there’s a delay when I submit the spell, and another delay when I release the spell. It ends up being about 0.5 seconds per spell in overall delay.