Manual Synchronization Check

@Outlander_Robert I realize that fixing these issues takes time and effort which I appreciate. Is there any possibility to create a manual button to either check for server client miscommunication or force a resynchronization. As this has been an ongoing issue I’m having to relog before every boss fight or i forget in which case I’m desynced either immediately or during the fight. As Relogging or forced quitting usually fixes the issue is there a possibility to create a protocol within the game that would fix the issue without interrupting gameplay?


I use the reset view often just before a boss fight… but a step further would be helpful. While it does point you in the right direction, it doesn’t guarantee the server is in sync with the client side. Perhaps a button that will resend the current status would be helpful. Thanks,

If this is possible, it would be so great.

Having something like this could’ve saved a lot of broken shards IMO. Would be great if it’s possible.

I would even suggest a pause mechanic on shards/Raids where they have to register all five/ten players in a shard/raid to progress.

The idea is that the event pauses as well as the mobs become invulnerable until everyone is present and synched. This would circumvent abuse of the protocol while offering a stress free chance to run the content without having to worry about losing time on a relog or headset reset. This is just a rough outline though and I’m up for critique if anyone had any.

And although the raids don’t have a timer it would help with awareness of desyncs so that you’re not wasting your time on a boss fight.

I agree, having a bandaid in this situation is vastly preferable to an open wound, and I don’t think any players would dislike having this added in the meantime while desyncs are being addressed by the developers.

I think it would be best to keep it simple, like you said, a resynch, or basically a button that does whatever crashing your game and relogging does, but from in game. Even if your screen has to go black for a few seconds to load again, it’s much better than the 30 seconds to 2+ minutes it takes some people to get back in. I can’t imagine how many hours and hours of raiding/dungeons that would have been saved with a fix like this.


The trouble with this solution, is that it is somewhat akin to finding the problem without fixing it. If the devs knew exactly what triggered the issues, they’d fix them (at least i sincerely hope so)…

That said, a big old reset button isn’t necesarrily a bad thing. Maybe, with time and incremental dev support (aka less and less is “reset”), this reset button could help narrow down the desync issues.


In my mind it would be the same concept as the class fixes on a wider scale. Just like the server will continuously check for for missing class abilities. The button would be a manual version of that on a player model base and stat update. The biggest thing I’ve noticed with desync is positioning, healing, and working abilities/items. Press a button and it sends a signal to the server to synchronize current client side data to match with server side.