Master hunter cape and cape of completion


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Any news on either of these capes? Please?


Very curious about these as well.


Sorry it took me a little while to get it in game, you can speak with Hunter Dern in Highsteppe if you have completed all the quests for him (the last quest is “Noah’s Ark Wilds”) to receive the Master Hunter Cape. We will be pushing out a server side update on monday, and once that is in game you can speak with him and get the cape.

The Cape of Completion is an older internal item name that never made it into the game, so that cape wont be available to get.

Again sorry took me a while to get to this, thanks for your patience.


Awesome! Thank you for this :grin:


So a quick note on this, we had to revert changes to the quests (including the reward of this cape) temporarily due to an issue the update was causing with the MSQ. We should have this back in-game on Monday but just letting you know, if you try to go get it right now you won’t be able to.


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