Material Crates & Barrels / Chests / Account Shared House Chest

Basically an item you can craft using wood scraps that can hold materials like alchemy/tilesets/potions/etc such as crates & barrels that act as furniture items. They have the icon of the item they hold on the front of them. You can place these furniture items in your house as decoration. You can activate them (lightning bolt symbol) to empty the crates of whatever is in them, or if you destroy the crate the items are also returned to your inventory. Crates and barrels can hold up to 1000 of an item. When you click an item and then click on a crate of the same item type, it will add those items to the crate (up to 1000). Same for an empty crate. If the item is different, the two items will simply swap as usual. Crates and barrels are dyable objects. I’d honestly like to see craftable & dyable chests (even if they just have 1 tab), but this would be nice too. The current player house chest could be made into an account-shared chest which would retain it’s value for any additional tabs purchased.

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