Mechanics on dragon racing


I don’t like the forced requirement to slow down when there is wind. This is RNG right now.


at least you got that far… one race and i had to stop playing for an hour for my headache to go away.


Which race are you talking about? the “Racing Ruins” with the spinning fan?


What dragon racing feels like.

I joke but the controls are really bad and not really clear at all.


I dislike the dragon racing mechanics as a whole. Head steering is so freaking awful. Also, the extreme angle you have to look down ect. to get your dragon to move up and down is atrocious. I’m not going to bother dragon racing unless there is another control scheme offered.


Hmmm…it should be the opposite? You can only move your head about 30 degrees that’s the max. If you see the reticle in the middle of the screen stop moving then that’s the farthest it matters to move. You should always been able to keep your dragon in your vision basically.

The other control scheme we tried was having you hold your hands and arms out like you were flying to control it, but that seemed too tiring. Are you hoping for more of just a “use joysticks” type of scheme? We were kind of trying to go for something more fun and casual for sure with this activity.


How about holding out one hand, just with the controller? It’s perhaps doable and we do it all the time with the ranger already.

And right, I had the expression of extreme angles to look at, too, and sometimes the little white dot was impossible to position inside a ring, also the sudden moves sometimes needed just hurt in the neck.


So you can’t pull up or down hard enough to actual do the rings. The hit boxes seem off. It’s isn’t racing at all, you are by yourself. There isn’t any stats the breed in or progression plans. THere are other game in VR that do much better job with this type of game such is sprint vector or To the top . Unless you are going to add RPG elements to it, it doesn’t seem to fit the game you are making.


I mean, one of the things we are doing in Reborn is adding additional types of gameplay to the game. So I’m not sure it’s fair to say it doesn’t fit the game. The game is really just about providing fun things in the game world for people to do. Sometimes that’s combat, sometimes that’s socializing, sometimes that’s catching little critters or racing dragons. Lots of people have different preferences on what they find fun in the game…just like dragon pet breeding is fun to some people but other people couldn’t care less.

That said, we are planning to further expand the mechanics and tie it more into the actual character progression, as well.


…on a lot of the levels you can skip all the rings and just head for the goal. Also never understood how to slow down…


what about a control scheme like you have reigns on the dragon, pulling up/down or left/right?. Also, is there no way to switch to a 3rd person view? i thought it was fun, but after just 40 seconds, i have a headache that has lasted at least 3 hrs at this point.


Geez, sorry to hear that! That’s good info to have. Do you think you were looking “past” the dragon a lot? I think the plan is to add some vision fading so if you look to far it dims the screen.


it is hard to tell, but basically any forced movement in the 1st person tends to make me sick.


Is there any other controls other then head moving and the brake? Some tracks seem impossible with just those.
I also get sick feeling after 4 or 5 tries.

I actually was really really looking forward to Dragon racing. It just isn’t at all what I had in mind. I think actually racing even just head to head would be way more compelling.

Edit: Sorry more being so negative, just want to give feedback.


People are very different because I imagined it exactly like this… got no issues with fast VR games, radial G is one of my favourites and I can’t have enough mini-games added because currently there’s too few activities ingame, specially at times with low player count.

Just the head-steering is not what I can bear, also I actually thought we will have even more of “1st person view” like seeing all from the dragon’s perspective, without seeing the dragon itself. Perhaps adding a bit more options and or/incentives for the activity, plus another steering, will already do the trick, because I think many do like the current “courses” design alot.


I honestly didn’t mind this; as far as VR locomotion goes, I typically experience nausea pretty quickly (ED killed me). This one went smoothly and I was able to complete all of the dragon races I came across.

I do think that with a large number of people playing, having no real way of seeing how you did (unless you’re in the top 12) will not be as cool. At that point, if you aren’t very good at it, you won’t be able to experience the exhilleration of seeing how you fare against others. Perhaps adding a paging button on the displays?


I also never get nausea from VR but the dragon racing gave me a small feeling.

Moving with your head is just very unnatural and the fact that there is a limit to the movement compared to how you are moving your head makes it disorientating.

Also what do the rings even do? It felt like I could just avoid them all and they didn’t do anything? Never felt a speed increase from them or anything.


The rings currently reset your dragon’s “stamina” (the white effect near the wing flaps), which if you run out of your dragon will basically game over. Right now it’s extremely generous and also kind of unclear as a mechanic though.


I really love the dragon racing, had a lot fun with that earlier and had no problems with controls or motion sickness.
The only thing i would rather non-timed obstacles that you need to dodge always rather than stop and wait the path is clear because as J said, it’s RNG and basically if you want the best score you need to try and try until the obstacle is off while you’re going that way so don’t need to stop and ruin your time.

Also the start point needs to be far enough from the goal, right now you can cheese some tracks by just turn back and go straight to the goal (someone managed to finish the beginner track in 5 seconds…)


So would you rather have some tracks like the “mouse trap” one where it is turns and all user controlled? I ask because having the animated objects in the course adds alot of the “flavor” to the tracks to me, but those could just as easily be trinkets you fly past and not through to avoid the RNG of it.

Love getting the feedback on the mechanics and the courses, we tried getting a variety in the courses with different designs and obstacles to see what the community liked and disliked, so be sure to keep leaving feedback so we can make courses that the community wants.