Mechanics on dragon racing


I absolutely LOVED the butterfly course! Also loved that everything was around me “real time” (friend standing below me, following along, cheering really made me laugh). Thankfully dragon racing didn’t make me sick at all, but it’s nearly impossible to make me motion sick (I have the strongest tolerance of anyone I know). I think all the courses looked really neat and I liked how they were scattered around with the terrain as “part” of the terrain.
While I’d like to keep the current mechanics as possible future options, I hope there are several options to choose from depending on personal preference or how someone is feeling at the moment.

  • current one: head gaze, seeing dragon third person
  • head gaze, “being” dragon (first person)
  • seeing dragon, using controller joystick
  • first person, using controller joystick
  • being tiny and riding dragon, current third person view, both hands up / in front steering using controllers by motion like holding reins
  • being tiny and riding dragon, first person from tiny avatar perspective (so seeing partial dragon / back of its head), both hands up / in front steering using controllers by motion like holding reins

I would like to keep current version in the sense that you’re “flying alone” (whether as leisurely or just practice) but also a multiplayer option where a number of people start off at the same time and truly race together.


Would like it if the amount the Dragon was turning could be seen. Like a tilt effect that you have in most flying games where you rotate it’s body.

I think that would help give a visual indicator on the max turning and help against players looking away from the Dragon to make it turn, that’s probably resulting In a lot of the motionsickess people feel


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