Mega World Boss Event

Suggestion: Give us a Community Event where ALL world bosses are in the Edge of Nowhere at the same time. Let us enrage them all and take them all at once. You have a community that thrives on challenges and difficult combat. Give us the worst you’ve got, and let us run wild <3


This sounds like it could be such a chaotic experience, I love it! Could be a bit difficult to get everything going at once, plus add spawns might become a problem pretty quickly, but I can see this being hilarious and fun with the right amount of people :sparkles:


:rofl::rofl: this could be a blast!!
Definitely needs a unique drop, though!!


I love this idea! I’ll see what we can do :thinking:


I’m sad I missed, I read the email too late. Sounds like so much fun.

Hasn’t happened yet :slight_smile:

I think she’s referring to them playing dev world bosses with us yesterday in edge of nowhere.

But yeah mega world boss with the big four hasn’t happened.

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Shame they dont give out the “Dev Killer” title for that anymore!

Mega world bosses is a very clever idea! I think that would be awesome. Hope it comes to fruition :grin: