Memorial Service for Yde

As many of you know, today was the memorial service for our fallen soldier, Yde. The service was attended by over 200 people and lasted an hour and a half. I wanted to thank the Rebels fellowship and everyone else for putting this spectacular event together. While the community suffered a significant loss, that did not stop anyone from paying their respects and sharing the unique stories they had of Yde. It was so moving to see the community come together to celebrate one of the best people I know, Yde. I would also like to thank everyone for streaming on Discord, Twitch, and any other platforms. Below, I will attach several photos, videos, and anything else people wanted to be included. Later, I will be posting a collage of pictures from the event. (Short clip)


Here is the collage for today’s event. Thank you to everyone who helped, it was huge!

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Here are some Twitch clips of the end of the service.

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