Mentoring Option?

It’d be cool if you could “mentor” someone of a lower level. I know my main is going to have all the classes maxed eventually and it’d be really fun to match the power of a lower level player and get to play with them.

With that said; lots of games do this mentor thing and the mentor is always way over powered. Trivializing the content. So it’d need to be done really well to avoid making everything easy. If you choose to mentor, you should seriously only be as powerful as the level you mentor to.


You could always just put on a lower level weapon and go from there. Killing level 8 mobs? Put a wand with only 58 damage on. That way you can maybe take the aggro and have the other person just practice what they need to kill stuff. As far as a mentor system i don’t really see why they would need this? The game doesn’t limit you from doing any special spells or moves at any level, Just practice. As for leveling if you go out with a level 16 to kill pigmen at level 7 you still are getting 200 xp from helping kill them even if the other player killed more and got almost nothing from it.

This is an interesting idea…actually if we just “level you down” (e.g. to “Level 8”) temporarily then even if you keep all your same equipment it would prove challenging (although not as challenging as a true Level 8), because there is a cap on how much damage you can do based on your level, so even if you have a Level 20 sword you wouldn’t be doing Level 20 damage.

Might be something as simple as putting a “max level” on each dungeon and if you enter that dungeon you get down-leveled.


I remember gemstone 3 (a mud) had a cool mentoring system. It would spawn you outside of a monastery and if you pulled the rope attached to a bell outside it would signal a mentor player and allow them to teleport to the area and answer any questions of the new players. I have really good memories of getting help from my mentor and would gladly volunteer to mentor in orbus.


this sounds like loghorizon


Somehow i really dislike the idea of forcing a max level for certain content ;)… though allowing to temporary choose to play at a lower level sounds good :slight_smile:

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Agreed. I wouldn’t want it to be forced. But the option would be great!

Maybe the mentor could be one level lower than the player they’re mentoring. To sort of even it out a bit more. In other games I played the mentor was always one level higher. But that just meant they were even more over powered.

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Dude! I love gemstone. I never got to try out the mentor system though. But I agree I think this could be a great addition to the game.

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I’ve always been an advocate of being auto-levelled down to the zone you’re in. Guild Wars 2 does this. In my opinion, it makes all zones still feel real once you have levelled past them. You can kill stuff in the old zones faster and easier than when you levelled there, but I I always found the extreme examples of being over-levelled a bit silly. The thorns buff from high level druids insta-killed low-level creatures that hit you.

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