Menu icon glitch (graphical glitch)

Steps to recreate this? (Idk if it works, just did a random thing and boom)

  1. pick up loot (in this case, defender’s cloth gloves)
  2. Immediately go to menu (within a second)

I’ve never had this one happen and I’ve been playing for 300+ hours. I was just playing the game normally.

One thing I did do differently is enable pvp.

After relog: The glitch fixed itself

Interesting. I have this menu glitch very often. Atleast once a week with a different item. And I have pvp on all the time. It seems that there is a connection between having pvp on and this bug maybe?

I’ll try and reproduce it, if someone happens to confirm that it does do it all the time, definitely let us know.



Seeing as though I never enable pvp and never had that bug untill I enabled pvp, it could be.

I never enable pvp and I’ve never seen that after about 1650 hours in game. Seems I might agree with the pvp part maybe causing it.

I have it quite frequently and I always have pvp enabled.

Also get this and always have PvP on

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