Mercenary/Bounty System

You guys are defiantly sitting on a pot of gold right now. This is going to be something great when it fully releases. Sadly, I don’t own a Vive and can only watch gameplay, but it still looks great! The one big thing I had to ask was how the bounty system would work fully. I know you said before that it might say something along the lines of “If you continue attacking this person you will have a _ gold bounty on your head.” I thought it would be better to have a board in towns with multiple pieces of paper showing different players. These will be the players with the highest bounty in the area/server. It would show their level, their equipment/player head, and the amount of gold you will receive upon killing them. I also thought it would be cool to have a guard system in towns where really powerful npc’s come and attack you if you attack another player or if the player has a bounty on them. You could also add a system to set a bounty on someone’s head (don’t know how it would work though) Anyways, this game is shaping to be amazing! :grinning:

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So basically the way it works right now is very similar to EVE Online (if you have ever played that game). There are zones which are totally safe (and you can’t attack other players no matter what) – mostly cities, then zones that are “kind of safe”, where you are free to attack other players but if you do so, guards will be very quickly dispatched to deal with you (so basically, you’re going to die). Then there are the Wilds, which is the max level zones (there are 4 of them currently out of the 9 total zones we have planned). That’s where most of the really valuable stuff is (dungeon entrances, resources for crafting, high-level beasties to farm, etc.) So basically you’re going to want to go to the Wilds.

In the Wilds, there is no guard presence. So if you attack another player, you will become a “Bandit”, which basically puts a big target on your back and allows other Players to kill you without becoming Bandits themselves, but guards are not spawned in to kill you.

Anyway, there’s a ton of more stuff to it than that, like bounties, how guards react to you if you’re a Bandit and leave the Wilds, what sort of stuff you can loot off of other players (it’s very similar to the Division, in that basically there are certain items you can loot off of players such as resources gained in the Wilds, but you’ll never lose something you have equipped such as your favorite weapon)…I’ll do a full post on this probably next week. I’m actually working on a lot of these mechanics now so that at least a taste of this can be in the next Pre-Alpha Test at the end of February.

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Thank you so much for replying, I was just wanting to suggest that bounty board showing the players with the highest bounties on the server at that moment. The looting system will make it very fun to be an Artificer, because you’ll have to hire people to protect you going through the forest. Other than that, I’m excited to see more gameplay from other youtubers, and to see how this game shapes up. I’ll post some more ideas on small stuff later on but for now the system sounds good!

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If we decide to go with a long-term bounty, as opposed to one that wears off quickly/when you die, then we’ll definitely do that (put bounties up on a board or something like that).

There is a ‘hidden’ feature I’m not really going to talk about (yet, at least) that will allow players to…perform a certain action so that if someone has been really annoying them, they can be “taken care of.” Although this will be NPC driven at first, eventually I would like it to be something that players can participate in to carry out these ‘missions’ as well…

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Sounds great! You’re one of the few indie devs that actually replies to your fans and supporters answers, so thanks! :relaxed:

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For simpler reading I have divided this post into sections.


I was wondering how these “guards” will work. Will it be like extremely over powered guards that are impossible to kill, even if you have the best gear OR will it be really hard guards that super high level people that have been playing for a long time are strong enough to take down OR will the guards just not attack someone a very high level. Another thing I was thinking of was if a low level player is attacked by a medium level player, but a high level player goes in to defend will the high level get killed by guards?


If you have a reputation system (like you said bandits) will there be a good reputation alternative to bandits? (Like if I kill a lot of bandits or lower reputation players will I start getting a good reputation?) If you have a bad reputation/bounty and are attacked by someone in a town will guards still attack your assailant or is it situational. Also if you are a particularly frequent killer will you get a worse rank like Neutral > Bandit > Criminal > Murderer > Etc. (and same for good reps).


Also I think that bounties shouldn’t be automatically placed. (Example: If I am an Artificer and I am going to enhance someone’s gear but they are across the wilds and I am attacked, I could place a bounty on him with my money. The alternative would be hiring guards, but if I hire random guards they could be payed off by someone else and attack me.)
Bounties should also have a reason listed on them. If I am EXTREMELY rich I could persuade bounty hunters to attack random people, but if the money reward is normal then it would be in my best interest to kill someone killing artificers to stop them from killing my artificer.

Ok, I think that’s all for now. Sorry for listing so much, this is my first post and I am extremely interested in the game.


P.S. I forgot to mention I think bounties should be long lasting. Similar to One Piece how once a bounty is placed it stays on you forever until it is voided (For some reason like the person placing the bounty decided to remove it OR the person with the bounty hasn’t logged on for 30 days.) Also bounty boards should have 2 lists one for players in your world/server and one for the global list. You should be able to sort them by things like Time Placed, Reward Money, or Name. The boards should list The person the bounty was placed on, who placed the bounty, why the bounty was placed, when the bounty was placed, and how much money will be received for claiming the bounty.